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MJP Twitter Stories: So What is ViViD Ko-ki’s Type of Girls?

— So today, ViViD’s Ko-ki asked a very simple question and IKE from SPYAIR saw it and then the conversation went on as to what kind of girls the two of them liked. Of course Ko-ki’s fans also took there guesses and in then…well, read it!

Ko-ki (ViViD):Speaking of which, what do you think is my type of girl?

IKE (SPYAIR): How about the extremely sadistic girls(・_・;

Ko-ki: No I am curious about IKE-san’s type, too. (laughs)

IKE: I like the girls that are bitchy from their atmosphere, riiight. (laughs)

Ko-ki: You do know it well. (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)

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