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22nd single 『The Over』
Released: 2012.08.29



ARENA 37C 2012年12月
cover: UVERworld


UVERworld provides theme song again for Blue Exorcist movie premiering at the end of the year.

It has been revealed that UVERworld will provide the theme song for the movie version of Blue Exorcist premiering nationwide on December 28.

Blue Exorcist is an anime created from the popular comic by Kazue Kato. UVERworld has already provided the opening theme song for the first season of the namesake television anime series that began in April 2011 and the movie theme song this time makes it their second consecutive time chosen to take part.

The song is currently in production, and details such as the title and release date are yet to be announced. TAKUYA∞ (vocals) said with enthusiasm, “UVERworld is made up of members born and raised in the same city, so we were already longtime friends before we formed the band. The fact that our band is made up of irreplaceable members moving forward together relates to the story of Blue Exorcist. We are currently producing the music that will delve deeper into the story of the movie.”
source: JME



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[VOICE] HERESY & GFC [~Q&A~] Update!
this time the GazettE guitarist URUHA has answered questions from the
FC members and you can listen to it under “VIDEO”!
Of course translation included!

the GazettE


To celebrate their 10th anniversary year the GazettE will release a special book titled “DECADE” on January 21st, 2013. It includes personal long interviews, relay pair-interviews and photos of the release of their latest album DIVISION.

If you order it through FOOL’S MATE until November 30th you’ll get “live history photobook Type A”2004~2007”” and if you order it between December 1st and December 20th you’ll get “live history photobook Type B “2008~2012””. Furthermore, everyone who buys it through FOOL’S MATE until December 20th will get a signed poster of the member of your choice.

source: JPA


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the GazettE


Name : Uke Yutaka.
Date of birth: 1981/10/28.
Birthplace: Tokushima.
Blood Type: B.
Height: 172 cm.

Weight: 55 kg.
Colour: black, red, white, blue, silver, gold.
Hobbies: cooking, soccer, collecting lighters.
Ciggarette: Red Marlboro Box.
Animal: dog, tiger, alligator/crocodile.
Favourite brands: Custom culture, Juctin Davis and TENDERLION.